Space Planning and Design

A productive workspace begins with effective facility design and space planning.  As the Twin Cities’ facility services specialists, VSI has over 20 years of experience providing high quality interior solutions.  Whether you’re starting your plans from scratch or reconfiguring an existing office space, expanding or downsizing, we can help transform the goals for your workspace into reality.

Why Workspace Design Needs Careful Consideration

Designing the perfect workspace has less to do with décor and aesthetics, and more to do with optimizing your floor plans with respect to your internal processes.  Make your office furniture work for you by matching your product needs with a functional layout.  By determining your ideal configuration and streamlining workflows, your business will be rewarded with gains in productivity and reductions in indirect costs, boosting your overall efficiency and improving your bottom line.

What VSI Brings to the Table

VSI’s team of dedicated project managers and skilled, knowledgeable work crews delivers a customized facility solution with professionalism and courtesy.  As an independent installer, we have the experience and flexibility of working with hundreds of vendors and brands, offering our clients a range of possibilities and the benefits of our expertise.  Our capabilities stretch beyond office furniture installation to include that of furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) packages, warehouse racking, modular clean rooms and much more.  VSI’s proficiency in facility planning and design as well as project management allows us to provide our services in an array of work environments and industries, catering to your specific needs.

The standards to which we hold ourselves are second to none.  With value, service and integrity infused into everything we do, VSI clients are guaranteed honest, open and concise communication coupled with value driven pricing.  Insured, licensed and bonded, we’ve got all the bases covered, providing our clients with the security and peace of mind that the job will be done right.

How VSI Gets the Job Done

Planning and designing an optimal workspace requires thoughtful consideration and methodical examination of all your working parameters.  Below is a brief overview of the steps a VSI work team will follow when constructing any given facility or office space:

  • Gather information and learn about the client’s requirements and processes
  • Identify and meet with stakeholders including consultants, contractors and end users, seeking regular feedback
  • Study project specifications and drawings
  • Take inventory of any furniture and other assets to be reused such as cubicles and systems furniture
  • Collaborate with architects, tradespeople or interior designers hired by the client
  • Brainstorm and test workflow concepts and layouts
  • Present alternatives and evaluation criteria
  • Finalize the design and product selections
  • Audit the final product for compliance with project specifications, contract requirements and client preferences

No two projects are the same; consequently any customized services you may desire in relation to your facility design is a task we are more than willing to tackle.  Take a look at our online portfolio to learn more about our capabilities, or contact us directly with your questions.