Negotiated Fee

We’re not afraid to talk about it.  We know there’s a stigma associated with contractors, of any kind.  Many people are wary of contractors in general, particularly when they appear to find hidden costs at every turn and masterfully veil their associated mark-ups.  The good news is we’re not all cut from the same cloth.  At VSI, we value the relationships we have with our clients.  Openness and honesty forms the fabric of all our communications.  It’s part of the reason we willingly offer a negotiated fee delivery system.

Because a Solid Foundation Begins with Trust

To foster trust, you must first have transparency.  Once that trust is established, an unbreakable partnership can be born.  It’s what we strive for with every relationship we form.  So if that means opening up our books and letting you see our cost structure, so be it.  That’s right.  As a VSI client, we’ll let you see exactly what our costs are and what we’re charging you.

Our drive to provide the ultimate customer experience means that we’re willing to negotiate a fair, mutually agreeable mark-up.  It’s part of our commitment to our policy of value driven pricing.  We will provide you with the highest quality solution your needs and budget will allow.    Our open books will stand as proof that we are dedicated to maximizing each and every dollar.

So How Does it Work?

As the general contractor, we’ll still bear our traditional responsibilities.  We’ll screen and select the subcontractors and vendors, but as we hire labor and purchase products, you’ll have uninhibited access to our costs and proposals.  Our cost structure, including our own labor and overhead is completely transparent including the agreed upon profit margin that serves as our earnings in accordance with the terms and conditions of our contract.  The percentage that serves as “our cut” is determined by the complexity and sophistication of the project, and the added value that our skilled professionals contribute.  This process holds us accountable for our own success, and spares the client from unknowingly bearing the cost of eroding margins.

The VSI Advantage

Unlike many general contractors you’ll encounter, VSI is not contractually bound, or in any other way restricted to working with specific subcontractors, vendors or brands of products.  With the flexibility to partner with the most qualified candidates, and over 20 years of experience in having done so, we ensure our customers have access to a wide variety of products and services to match their specific criteria and preferences.  Industries we’ve served, but are certainly not limited to, include:

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Assisted Living
  • Multi-Family
  • Office & Medical
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Educational
  • Religious
  • Hospitality

From small jobs to large jobs, in any combination of the above, VSI is Minnesota’s premier choice.  You don’t have to take our word for it.  Our online portfolio illustrates VSI’s role as construction management specialists, as well as the accolades we’ve received for our efforts.  Our dedicated project managers, instilled with the VSI ideology of value, service and integrity, and armed with our skilled and knowledgeable work crews, ensure the job gets done on time and on budget, every time.