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Frequently Asked Questions!
Do you rent moving equipment?

Yes! We have a vast inventory of  Book carts, totes and tote dollies.

Book Carts & Totes

How do I pack for our move?

Packing Instructions:

  • Staff are to take home all personally owned items prior to the move
  • All loose items are to be packed into totes or boxes, or must be placed on a book-cart shelf
  • All lateral file drawers must be emptied prior to the move
  • Contents of each tote or box must not exceed 50 lbs
  • Items that are packed in client owned bins or containers may remain there
  • All items to be handled by VSI must be labeled with their destination

– VSI Labels are required for VSI rental equipment
– Label with name and room/cubicle number
– If item is to be disposed of, label as TRASH

Place labels on the short side of boxes & totes so that they may be read while stacked.
Keep packed materials clear of entryways & walkways.

Special Instructions for Totes:

  • Totes may be stacked (4) high on the tote dollies
  • Do not lift filled totes

– Place empty tote on dolly
– Fill and close tote
– Place another empty tote on top and continue process

  • Please place labels in indicated area on end of each tote
  • File Rails for use with hanging files are located in channels on tote lids
  • Please remove labels and replace file rails before returning

VSI is unable to handle the following items:

  • Special disposal items
  • Leased items
  • Re-hanging pictures
  • Appliance moves
  • Electrical connections