No two buildings are alike.  As construction service specialists, VSI recognizes that a special purpose structure requires a customized solution.  More specifically, the requirements of a building designed for residential housing are significantly different from that of a commercial or industrial building, even one of comparable size.  Whether its style is that of an apartment, townhouse or multi-flat, VSI has the expertise to deliver a functional, high quality solution.

Trust the Experts

The blueprints for a residential building are highly detailed, requiring numerous trades and hundreds of vendors and products.  Coordinating procurement of these products and services is challenging at best, not to mention the added responsibility of executing their installation and implementation within set timelines and budget constraints.  Rest assured, in this department, VSI has you covered.  Our construction services are all encompassing, and our meticulous attention to detail ensures that not a single component is overlooked.  From site development to material selections, from scheduling to cost control, from quality assurance to jobsite safety, and everything in between, VSI delivers flawless execution with a pride of workmanship.  Whether the project is large or small, public or private, we will work with you to deliver the best possible environment one can expect from a home.

By partnering with VSI on your construction project, you can feel confident that you have a construction services specialist on your side.  Whether you want us to manage every aspect of your project from the first day to the last, or handle specific aspects you would rather outsource, VSI is more than willing and capable.  Read more about our abilities and offerings in the areas of:

  • Construction Management
  • Design/Build
  • Negotiated Fee
  • Interior Buildout

Delivering Superior Service

With over 20 years in the business, VSI is a reputable mainstay among Minnesota general contractors.  Our offering of construction services, based on an uncompromising philosophy of value, service and integrity, is second to none.  We take pride in our work, and continuously strive to deliver a positive customer experience coupled with superior results.  Willing to transform any client’s vision, large or small, into real-life bricks and mortar, you can count on VSI’s value driven pricing to work within your budget, offering you the highest quality solution possible.

The VSI team certainly isn’t the largest one out there; instead we are distinguished by our small business efficiencies coupled with our large business capabilities, able to perform in any work environment or industry.  Insured, licensed and bonded, our clients’ investments are always protected, and when it comes to safety, our commitment to ensuring every individual returns home to their family at the end of the work day is beyond question.

From our dedicated project managers to our skilled and knowledgeable work crews, our full-service approach is always professional.  With timely and concise communication, VSI’s relationship with our clients is always open and honest.  We hold ourselves accountable to meet your expectations, and strive to surpass them.  Check out our online portfolio to see what others are saying about us.