Interior Buildout

It’s a common problem.  The layout of your current space is no longer as effective as it once was.  You’re not maximizing the real estate you have, and the construction of a brand new building, as desirable as that may be, is simply not in the budget.  In cases like these, often the best and most appropriate solution is an interior buildout.

What Exactly Does an Interior Buildout Entail?

An increasingly popular trend among construction projects, the interior buildout is essentially a remodel of your existing facility.  Oftentimes when a building is constructed, specific areas are designated for future growth.  Sometimes referred to a shell building, the intention is that years down the road, as your business expands and grows, this valuable real estate will become populated with your employee and equipment requirements.  Fast forward to today, where VSI is ready and able to partner with you to get the job done.

Even if this sort of foresight was lacking at the time of your building’s construction, or your business is not your building’s original tenant, sometimes all that’s needed is some thoughtful planning and asset management to free up valuable workspace.  Luckily this is just another aspect of VSI’s expertise.  We can help you with that too.

Tell Me More…

Whether your current operations could benefit from an additional conference room or meeting space, more office space or an enlarged production area, let VSI consult with you to find the optimal mix and layout.  You may even be fortunate enough to posses a previously uncompleted floor that we can complete and outfit as required.  From flooring to walls, electrical to electronics, HVAC to plumbing, VSI can tackle almost anything you could possibly require.  Breathe new life into your current workspace and watch your business flourish.

We’ve Seen and Done it All

VSI is a general contractor in name only, because there’s absolutely nothing “general” about us.  Our repertoire includes a variety of different construction projects, ranging in budget and application.  Industries we’ve served, but are certainly not limited to, include:

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Assisted Living
  • Multi-Family
  • Office & Medical
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Educational
  • Religious
  • Hospitality

Still Not Convinced?

From small jobs to large jobs, in any combination of the above, VSI is Minnesota’s premier choice.  You don’t have to take our word for it.  Our online portfolio illustrates VSI’s role as construction management specialists, as well as the accolades we’ve received for our efforts.

Our dedicated project managers, instilled with the VSI ideology of value, service and integrity, and armed with our skilled and knowledgeable work crews, ensure the job gets done on time and on budget, every time.  You won’t find a general contractor more driven to provide each and every client with a positive customer experience.  Our commitment to value driven pricing ensures that you receive the highest quality solution your budget can demand, maximizing every dollar.  Insured, licensed and bonded, you can feel confident that your investment and your trust are safe with VSI.