Furniture Installations

Redesigning your office space or relocating an existing office is no simple task.  The truth is that many businesses not only find it cumbersome, but also disruptive to their everyday operations.  While initially the do-it-yourself approach to furniture installation may appear to be the least costly option, the hours and even days of wasted effort due to inexperience, ineffectiveness and inefficiency, not to mention time spent away from revenue generating activities, do have their own indirect cost.

By entrusting VSI, the Twin Cities’ facility services specialists, to complete your office furniture installation, you can rest assured that your workspace will be transformed swiftly and professionally with minimal disturbance to your business.

The Benefits of a Furniture Installer

Whether you require the assembly and installation of cubicles, systems furniture or other sophisticated interior solution, the task will likely present itself as quite the challenge to the average office worker or general laborer.  From the labor intensity of heavy lifting and maneuvering, to complicated product assembly and placement, furniture installation is a beast in and of itself.  Why spend time fumbling through pages of detailed instructions or searching for special tooling when the right expert can construct the final product without hesitation?

Why Hire VSI?

VSI is an independent installer.  Without ties to a single line or brand of products, VSI has over 20 years of experience interacting with hundreds of vendors, systematically acquiring a working knowledge of their products.  Our skilled and knowledgeable work crews possess the ability to execute an installation in any work environment, in any industry.  Insured, licensed and bonded, VSI is able to provide the solutions of the highest quality, balancing each client’s needs and budget through value driven pricing.  The epitome of professionalism, our ideology of value, service and integrity serves as the underpinning of everything we do.

Flawless Execution

As facility services specialists, we understand that there’s more to installing furniture than just assembly.  VSI’s skill set goes beyond constructing just office furniture to include the likes of:

  • Furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) packages
  • Warehouse racking
  • Modular clean rooms, and
  • Any other asset requiring assembly.

Prior to the commencement of any installation project, we meticulously review all project installation drawings and specifications.  This forms the basis of our manpower requirements, delivery schedule and other site needs.  Through the organization and sequencing of materials, and by establishing staging areas, VSI ensures a smooth workflow as well as proper disposal of waste products.

Safety is always top of mind.  Not simply relying on building and personnel protection requirements dictated by the appropriate authoritative body, VSI sets the bar higher by further implementing best practices; because a single injury is one too many.

Upon project completion, our crew ensures it leaves your new workspace in a state of organization and cleanliness, once again reviewing the project specifications to verify compliance with our client’s expectations.  It’s a critical component our past and repeat clients have recognized – that proper installation is as important as the selection of the furniture itself.

Here are some recent installation projects: