Asset Management & Storage Solutions

The effective management of an organization’s assets is a critical component of success.  You need not look any further than the balance sheet to realize that your office furniture and equipment directly contribute to (or worse, detract from) your bottom line.  By methodically inventorying, categorizing and storing these items, your business will benefit from the efficient use of your investments.

How VSI Makes Asset Management Work for You

We’ve all seen it: perfectly functional office furniture and equipment is tucked away in office corners and miscellaneous storage areas when not in use, forgotten and then unnecessarily replaced at a later date.  It erodes your facility and supplies budget while taking up valuable space.  VSI can solve these problems for you by implementing our asset management and storage solutions.  Through the creation of an effective and intuitive inventory management system, we can help you develop a successful strategy for asset storage.  In collaboration with you, we identify:

  • The assets currently in your possession
  • Where these assets are located
  • The condition of these assets
  • The usage history of your assets
  • Which, if any, assets require replacement or replenishment

Next you decide on the optimal location for assets requiring storage and warehousing.  We help our clients ask themselves the right questions for selecting options such as temporary or long-term storage, and on- or off-site locations, all the while maintaining their unused assets in a safe environment, ready for deployment.

The asset control systems VSI provides are sophisticated and effective.  Utilizing proven online technologies for tracking and concise reporting, we ensure that you make optimal use of your investment.  Once these tools are in place, VSI completes a smooth transition and handover, executing a detailed disposition plan.  System components and data are archived and integrated with existing systems.

Is there anything else we can help you with?  Certainly!  VSI offers a wide range of related services that you may benefit from.  Consider our delivery, relocation, furniture installation, furniture care and recycling solutions as a part of your project.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

With over 30 years in the business, VSI possesses a wealth of knowledge pertaining to asset management and workspace related projects.  As an independent installer and facility service specialist, we have worked with numerous vendors and brands, offering our clients a range of possibilities and the benefits of our expertise.  Able to perform in a wide variety of work environments and industries, VSI caters to any budget, tackling projects of any scale.  Our value driven pricing ensures that you maximize every dollar.

VSI’s team of dedicated project managers and skilled, knowledgeable crews deliver a customized facility solution with courteous professionalism.  Insured, licensed and bonded, partnering with VSI guarantees you security and peace of mind.  With value, service and integrity inherent in everything we do, the VSI standard is to maintain honest, open and concise communication with all of our clients.  Check out our online portfolio to review what our past and repeat clients are saying about us.